Ai's Father
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Relatives Ai Enma (Daughter)
Ai's Mother (Wife)
Ai's Grandmother (Mother/Mother-in-law)
Sentarou Shibata (Nephew)
Anime Debut Jigoku Shoujo
Japanese Voice Actors Kunihiro Kawamoto
English Voice Actors Mike McFarland

Ai's parents have been, and continue to be significant in her life, having been one of the very few people Ai was close to when she was leading a normal life.

Other than Ai, two other relatives of Ai's parents that is known are Sentarou Shibata, who is Ai's cousin, and Ai's grandmother, though it is not known whether she is Ai's paternal or maternal grandmother.


On the few occasions that Ai's parents have been seen, they were wearing simple traditional Japanese clothing. We can assume from these instances that their clothing was usually simple.


Little is known about their personality, as they have only been seen in short flashbacks. From the little of what has been seen, it seems that they were nice and caring people, having been seen caring for Ai in more than one occasion.


Both of Ai's parents used to work in the fields growing and maintaining crops, and were apparently happy with their simple lifestyle.

Both of them died alongside Ai, and the deaths were not natural. They were murdered by the villagers who formed a mob, and the villagers left no room for justice and fairness while performing such an atrocious act.

They are very important to Ai, and play a significant role even after her normal life came to an end, because they are the driving force behind her act of taking people to hell that she is doing over the many years that has passed after their death. Ai is performing such an act just because the master of hell has captured the souls of her parents, and said that their souls will wander in darkness for all eternity, unless Ai agrees to perform the act of ferrying people to hell. If Ai listens to the commands of the Master of Hell and does the said act, the Master of Hell has promised to set the souls of her parents free. But the Master of Hell hasn't given any more details, like when exactly will the souls be set free, and probably did this on purpose too, because it seems that the Master of Hell likes to keep Ai in the darkness, probably for cruel and selfish reasons.


  • None.