Ayumi Shibata
柴田 あゆみ
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Relatives Hajime Shibata (Husband)
Tsugumi Shibata (Daughter)
Anime Debut Rain of Regret
Japanese Voice Actors Hitomi Nabatame
English Voice Actors Colleen Clinkenbeard


Ayumi is a beautiful woman brown eyes and dark hair. She shares the same features like her daughter Tsugumi Shibata.



Ayumi died in a car accident when her daughter, Tsugumi Shibata, was just a baby. She left her husband, Hajime Shibata, a widower, although they were separated at the time of her death. The tragedy of her death was that she was the most important thing in both her husband and daughter's lives. Hajime, devoted to giving his wife and daughter the life they deserve, over-committed himself to his work, neglecting his family. After countless nights alone, Ayumi starts an extra-marital affair with a politician, a fact which is quickly exposed by her journalist husband. Hajime leaves Ayumi and takes Tsugumi, shattering his wife. She comes to him in the rain begging forgiveness, as Hajime rejects her, sending her into the rain with the promise that she'll never see her daughter again, immediately after which she dies in a horrific car accident. "It's not my fault..." was all Hajime had to say as he looked at his wife's corpse. Ai uses this fact in her attempt to convince Tsugumi to send her father to Hell.


  • Before she got married to Hajime Shibata, Ayumi’s last name was Ogawa.