Bound Girl
S1 EP 18 Title
Shibarareta Shoujo
Episode: 18
Season: Hell Girl
Episode Chronology
Previous: Glass Scenery
Next: Bride Doll

"Bound Girl" is the 18th episode of the season "Hell Girl".


Miki Kamikawa finds herself and her dogs enslaved by an evil rich woman named Meiko Shimono because her two Welsh Corgies bit her. Miki calls for Ai Enma's help when Shimono kills one of her dogs. She hesitates at first, but eventually pulls the string after Shimono (who had been arrested moments before) kills her other dog, and even the puppies who were recently born in captivity. It is revealed Shimono killed her own parents to inherit their fortune, and even killed her own child so she wouldn't have to share it with anyone, thus becoming reclusive and paranoid.


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