Bride Doll
S1 EP 19 Title
Hanayome Ningyou
Episode: 19
Season: Hell Girl
Episode Chronology
Previous: Bound Girl
Next: Hell Girl vs. Hell Boy

"Bride Doll" is the 19th episode of the season "Hell Girl".


The beginning shows a Japanese wedding being held. The bride, Inori is an orphan who is marrying the orphanage's main benefactor's son, because she wants to keep the orphanage opened for the other children. The benefactor is a doll maker named Kyogetsu, who states that Inori looks like a doll. Inori is not happy at first, but grows warm towards Kyogetsu's son. However, things don't go so well between Inori and Kyogetsu; the old woman says that Inori must do nothing for her husband, not even cook meals or clean the house, and Kyogetsu beats Inori if she refuses to follow orders, which she couldn't stand.

One night, Inori enters Hell Correspondence by her husband's laptop, puts in Kyogetsu's name, and she meets Ai Enma and her three assistants. Inori tells them why she had to marry the benefactor's son, but she does not want Kyogetsu to ruin her life, and was given the straw doll. Then, Kyogetsu and her assistants arrive and take Inori back home. Kyogetsu servely beats her and threatens she'll shut down the orphanage if Inori runs away, again.  Ai arrives and warns her of what will happen after death, Inori accepts her fate, and pulls the string.

In her workshop, Kyogetsu is working on the head of a doll that suddenly came alive, which was probably Hone Onna. Then, her other dolls start taunting her and she starts becoming one every time she strikes one. Kyogetsu laughs it off as the transformation is complete, and says that humans are worthless, ugly creatures, and that she is the god of her dolls. The three subordinates thought that was enough from her, and then Ai arrives to ferry Kyogetsu to Hell. On the boat Kyogetsu says that Ai looks like a doll and wants to make some of her, but Ai said that she can make more dolls but not of her.

At home, Inori is happy because she is able to serve her husband's wishes, but she feels startled when he tells her to be like a doll. The fire symbol gets shown, and Ren says that he thinks she will be going through a living hell and a hell yet to come.

Inori's candle is lit and Ai's voice is heard, "Your grievance shall be avenged."


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