Kind Neighbor
S1 EP 21 Title
Yasashii Rinjin
Episode: 21
Season: Hell Girl
Episode Chronology
Previous: Hell Girl vs. Hell Boy
Next: Rain of Remorse

"Kind Neighbor" is the 21st episode of the season "Hell Gill".


Tsugumi has another vision of Hell Girl's next client, Yuko Murai, and the Shibata's go to the countryside. Yuko and her late father had moved to an abandoned farm in order to start a new life away from the city. Their new neighbor, Ryosuke Sekine warns them of pests that would kill their crops during the next harvest season, and he offers some pesticides. The crops grow well at first, but they suddenly died and the Murai's can't figure out why. With the harvest season nearing an end, Yuko's father struggles with the debts and tries to grow new crops, but all the plants die anyway, and he falls into alcoholism. After Yuko's father dies, the young girl discovers that Ryosuke's pesticide caused the crops to die and she wants to send him to hell for what he did to them.

The Shibata's arrive at Yuko's home and she offers them rooms to stay. Hajime realizes that Yuko had contacted Hell Girl and she had received the straw doll, but has not pulled the string. Hajime tells Yuko that sending Ryosuke to hell is wrong and he throws the straw doll into the field. Wayuudo turns back into his human form and tells the others about Hajime interfering with their mission.

That night, during a thunderstorm, Yuko spots Ryosuke in the field, smiling at her, but she is sickened by his appearance. At that moment, Ai appears and returns the straw doll to her. Hajime and Tsugumi notice the doll, therefore they continue to urge her to not take revenge, although Yuko claims that Ryosuke deserves to go to hell for what he has done to her home and to her father. Hajime confronts Ryosuke and tells hime to stay away from Yuko, otherwise he'll report him about his phony pesticide. Yuko sees this and decides to throw away the doll, therefore the revenge can't be granted.

The next day, the Shibata's are surprised to learn that Yuko threw away the doll, and they decide to head home. Wayuudo, covered in mud, claims that he now hates the Shibata's, but the others, including Ai decide to not interfere with Yuko, anymore and head back to the Twilight. That evening, Yuko sees Ryosuke in the field, and she angrily stares at him.


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