The Light of the Hospital Ward
S1 EP 23 Title
Byoutou No Hikari
Episode: 23
Season: Jigoku Shoujo
Episode Chronology
Previous: Rain of Regret
Next: Sunset Village

"The Light of the Hospital Ward" is the 23rd episode of the season "Jigoku Shoujo".


Tsugumi has another vision of a hospital and takes Hajime to the one that looked exactly like the one in her vision. She states that a nurse, Kanako Sakuragi will be sent to hell for an unknown reason, and Tsugumi and Hajime search for the nurse and Ai's client. Tsugumi thinks it's best to stop their search for Hell Girl, seeing that the victims deserve their revenge, but Hajime doesn't think so. After researching Kanako, everyone tells Hajime that she is a devoted worker and a good person. Hajime then decides to go into the hospital as a patient and sees Kanako face-to-face, but he sees that there is nothing wrong with her. Both Hone Onna and Ren Ichimoku are disguised, as a nurse and doctor respectively, and state that Hajime is clueless of finding their next client.

In the Twilight, Ai feeds The Spider a ladybug and asks her grandmother if it is the right thing to do her next duty, but the elderly woman doesn't give a good answer. At the hospital, the Shibatas overhear a man, Higuchi, yelling at the nurses, aiming much of it at Kanako. He explains that they are the ones at fault for the passing of his wife, but they state that she was beyond their help. Higuchi blames Kanako for a mistake that she didn't mean to do, and Tsugumi realizes that Higuchi wants to send Kanako to hell for "killing" his wife. The next day, Hajime goes to Higuchi's apartment to ask questions of his wife's death. At the hospital, Tsugumi has another vision; first she sees a man, featuring a creepy smile, then an airplane flies over her, and she finds herself on the hospital roof, where Kanako asks if she's all right. Then, Tsugumi races towards her as Kanako begins to sink into the ground. In the real world, Kanako tries to get Tsugumi out of the vision. At Higuchi's place, Hajime states that he has gotten everything wrong about the hospital and Kanako, but Higuchi doesn't believe this. Hajime then asks if Higuchi accessed Hell Correspondence, but Higuchi states he doesn't know how to use a computer, therefore he didn't meet with Ai.

Back at the hospital, Tsugumi wakes up to see that Kanako has been watching her the whole time. Tsugumi offers her an apple as thanks and tells Kanako about Higuchi yelling at her, but Kanako says that he has held onto the sorrow, but it's a naturally part of life. When Kanako leaves the room, Tsugumi hears a noise and goes to investigate, only to find that Kanako had vanished and the apple rolls towards her.

The Shibatas go find the client and Tsugumi sees the man with the creepy smile and Hajime goes after him. Kanako wakes up on Ai's ferryboat and asks her why was she sent, but Ai only shows her an image of the man. Kanako states she never seen him before, and begins to cry. The three assistants watch from the shore, stating hatred takes many shapes and Wanyudo then comments he could hear 'Miss's heart breaking'. The Shibatas find the man; dead from a drug-over dose, and see the black fire symbol on his chest. They clearly have no idea why he sent Kanako to hell, and Hajime asks Tsugumi if she will stand up against Hell Girl, but she runs away to the playground. Tsugumi then has the vision of a cherry blossom tree in bloom and sees two children playing by the stream. Then, Hell Girl appears and she asks Tsugumi if she knows about Sentarou, but the young girl doesn't answer.

No candle is lit at the last scene, therefore the audience will never know the name of the dead man.


Although Kanako was sent to hell by the mysterious man, she knows nothing about. There were key points in the episode to give the audience some clues to know why she was sent to hell by that man. The man with the creepy smile had evil intentions to bring harm to Kanako, knowing she would go to hell anyway. His smile was showed many times within the episode meaning that his plan is already set in motion. The motive we don't know might have had something to do with the mysterious man past history with Kanako and his drug-over dose accusing his to be, a drug addict. From this, his motive has numerous possibilities for killing Kanako.

Before Kanako was sent to hell, as Hajime was rushing to find out answers in order to save her; Both Hone Onna and Ren Ichimoku said that it would be utterly impossible for him to know who their client is and what's his motive. Meanwhile in the twilight, Ai was feeding a ladybug to a spider this refers Kanako as the ladybug and the spider as the mystery man. At the hospital, everyone including Kanako's colleagues and patients said that she's a devoted worker and a good person to everyone she meets. That describes her as the lady bug while the mysterious man was known for being wicked and corrupted from his smile that could describe as the spider. Ai then suddenly asks her grandmother that if it was right to do her current request from the mysterious, suspicious man because she was doubting herself that if it's the right thing to do, but the elderly woman said it isn't like her to doubt and that she herself couldn't give an good answer or reply to Ai because she knows it’s not right to accept this request but they have to get the job done anyway.

Higuchi said that his wife is dead because of her for one mistake and that none of the lawyers he had meet would help him. He also said that she made a deal with him and still telling her his wife dead because of her. While Kanako was hearing to Higuchi's claim, she was shaking in fear and regret because he and also she knows who the mystery man is from Kanako's deal or whatever it be. When Kanako was about to be sent to hell her assistants said that Kanako was an example of people like her throughout all centuries that want to send them to hell because of their evil intentions. My best guess is that the person that kills Kanako might have been one of Higuchi's lawyers who had personal history with her. It might be a coincidence, but during Hajime’s visit in the hospital he couldn't find any information or leads to why a mysterious man would want to harm Kanako.

While he was talking to some of the patients that meet Kanako in his room, they said she was amazing and that they want to stay here forever. They said an old man was staying inside here until he died sometime ago but in Tsugumi’s vision she saw who the old man was until he died and that he was chatting with Kanako about something that made her laugh a little bit until he past away. He might have been the Mystery man’s father or an associate for soon time he knew until he known that Kanako made the same mistake like with Higuchi’s wife causing him have anger against Kanako because she could do anything to save him. That might have been another motive and what Hajime saw on his deathbed was shasta daisies. A daisy means purity and innocence meaning that the mystery man had a grudge against Kanako for not saving his father.

My theory is that when Higuchi went to multiple lawyers to tell his claim about Kanako making one mistake she didn't mean to do that ended his wife life and when one lawyer heard his claim. He might say to him he might deal with it and handle it and accept his case. This mysterious man might have been the mysterious old man son showed in the beginning of the episode. He might have also had a grudge on Kanako for killing his dad or whoever he is and not helping him get better in time because of the old man illness. When the mysterious man called or meets with Kanako in his office. He might had told her everything about Higuchi's claim and said that she might go to jail because of her that incident and accusing her of doing the same thing to that his father, lying to her that he has a lot of evidence and that would mess up her medical career for the rest of her life. When she might have agreed to be his girlfriend because she might have said it's not fair and that she would do anything to get him to stop making those accusations and to drop all charges off from her. He might have wanted an additional bonus because he was also a drug addict and wanted her to give him a special prescription for a drug for a special reason like to save his father in time before he dies until she said she wouldn't comply with his demands, to his blackmailing, and said their relationship is off and to make matters even worse she gave him the wrong prescription for the drug he wanted because of his suspicious nature. They might have gone to court and that she have won the case with enough evidence being presented and having a better lawyer than himself. She might have sued him with enough evidence to ruin his life and get his license as a lawyer to be revoked.

During his time spent in jail, He might have plan on getting his revenge on her ever since he got in of jail and then got out for only a couple of days, weeks, months, or until the end of his sentence in jail or his bail from someone one. Maybe that's why Kanako doesn't know who he is because he changed his identity while being inside there possibly. The mystery man might have heard about hell girl during his time in jail or out of jail and got his plan to be set in motion because of what Kanako did to him or whatever. At her last moments with Tsugumi, she presented Kanako an apple. An apple symbolizes health and the phrase ‘‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’’ means to have a better healthy life. When Tsugumi couldn't find Kanako anywhere and all that’s left was a dropped apple coming her way means that Kanako’s health was declining. The Mysterious man might have pulled the red tread because his father was already dead when he was alive. When he finally saw that Kanako is gone, he finally killed himself from having an overdose from certain kind of pills or medicine she prescribe him, but in the end, he was satisfied that she was finally dead and that he could go to hell with her because there’s no place for him to be anywhere anymore for him to go now since his life was already over with. Overall, Hajime said that the mystery man killed Kanako for personal reasons like for revenge or to just hurt her. Even though they didn't put the pieces of that puzzle together, they know now what the mystery man motive was and still curious about stopping hell girl or not. This might be the only and possible way how this Mystery man motive has ever started even though we couldn't know who his name was. This theory might have been to only way to know how Kanako and the mystery man's argument had ever even started form the key points showed in this episode. It was sad that all off this had happen to them, but was it all worth it in the end.



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