The Fake Hell Link
S2 EP 08 Title
Nise Jigoku Tsuushin
Episode: 08
Season: Two Mirrors
Episode Chronology
Previous: Bonds
Next: Elder Brother, Younger Sister

"The Fake Hell Link" is the 8th episode of the season "Two Mirrors" and the 34th episode from total.


Shouko Baba is a teacher everyone dislikes because she frequently scolds students and is very strict. A fake Hell Link is created and circulated among students who were just scolded by Baba. Tracing was carried out and they concluded that a student named Ikami Waka created and circulated the fake Hell Link. However, Ikami claims that she did not do it. On the same night, another teacher named Kuriyama Mami calls Ikami and tells her that it was Baba who made the fake Hell Link and blamed her for it, and that Ikami should come to the school to plot revenge. Mami meets Ikami in the computer lab and tries to convince her to access the real Hell Link to send Baba to Hell. To Mami's surprise Ai arrives instead. Mami and Ai already knew each other from their pasts. Mami created the fake Hell Link and blamed the students for it.

Baba scolded Mami when she was young, and she blames Baba for all her problems; however, she is too afraid to enter Hell after banishing Baba. She instead tried to lure students into completing her request. Baba comes and types in Mami's name into the real Hell Link. She laments that Mami did not understand that she scolded her out of love, and that she only meant to steer Mami right. Baba agrees to go to Hell as she blames herself for creating a teacher like Mami, who not only mistreats her pupils but also leads to the destruction of Baba's family.

Baba, resigned to her fate, welcomes a new young teacher who will replace the "missing" Mami. This teacher is also a former student of Baba. Unlike Mami, she understands that Baba was using the "whip of love" on her, and she is happy to see her. This gives the older woman a sense of solace.


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