The Distant Room Next Door
S2 EP 11 Title
Toui Rinshitsu
Episode: 11
Season: Two Mirrors
Episode Chronology
Previous: Anna Sone's Intimate Holiday
Next: Black Rut

"The Distant Room Next Door" is the 11th episode of the season "Two Mirrors" and the 37th episode from total.


Amagi Shizuko adopts a stray cat and names it Muru. She just moved in and has not introduced herself to her neighbors yet. Whenever she tries to no one is at home. Ren often comes to visit her. A few days after adopting the cat, she begins to receive mysterious prank calls. Items that she did not order were delivered to her house, with Ai and her assistants disguised as delivery people. She also receives threatening letters, warning her to throw out the cat. Amagi does not know what to do as she does not have enough money to move out yet. She hires a private investigation agency and they discovers that it is her neighbor named Tachibana Kyouko making prank calls and sending threats. She sends a letter to Tachibana apologising about the cat and informs her that she will move out with the cat as soon as possible. That being done, she hears bangs and crashes from next door. The next day, she gets home and discovers that her apartment door is wide open and Muru is gone. She frantically attempts to search for the cat and finds a plastic bag filled with meat outside. Thinking that it is Muru, she pulls the string on Ai's doll to send Tachibana to hell. Later in the episode, it is revealed that the cat belonged to Tachibana and she was upset that Amagi adopted the cat. Amagi hears distant cat meows and discovers Muru; thus the bag of meat was nothing but another prank.


  • Most of this episode takes place after Shizuko Amagi pulled the red string of the straw doll to send Kyouko Tachibana to hell.


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