Black Rut
S2 EP 12 Title
Kuro No Wadachi
Episode: 12
Season: Two Mirrors
Fourth Twilight
Episode Chronology
Previous: Two Mirrors: The Distant Room Next Door
Fourth Twilight: Spilled Bits
Next: Two Mirrors: Tragedy of the V
Fourth Twilight: Bird in a Cage

"Black Rut" is the 12th episode of the season "Two Mirrors" and the 10th episode of the fourth season "Fourth Twilight".


A new road needs to be built to stop the traffic accidents in the area but it is blocked by a house. The house is occupied by an old man who refuses to move. The brother of one of the victims of the road wants vengeance and picks up Wanyūdō on the side of the road. They discuss the incident. The brother then makes Wanyūdō get out of the vehicle and plans to send the old man to Hell. After Wanyūdō gets out and the brother drives away, Ai and Wanyūdō show up in the truck. Just before the brother can pull the string, Ren's eye appears and says that his request was cancelled as the homeowner just died. He doesn't believe them and speeds up to ram his truck into the man's house. However, he nearly gets into the same accident as his brother. All four enter the house and see Hone Onna with Kikuri and the dead house owner. Hone Onna hands the brother the house owner's will. The old man had left the plot of land to the brother and his family to do as they wish with it. During this episode, Wanyūdō's past is explained.


  • Nobody is sent to hell in this episode.
  • This is the second episode in this season that circles around a traffic accident. The other was Bonds.


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