Tragedy of the V
S2 EP 13 Title
V No Sangeki
Episode: 13
Season: Two Mirrors
Episode Chronology
Previous: Black Rut
Next: The Peaceful Lakeshore

"Tragedy of the V" is the 13th episode of the season "Two Mirrors" and the 39th episode from total.


Mysterious deaths have been happening all over a town. Men with no apparent connections to one another have been found dead, stabbed with a bamboo skewer, with their hands in the "peace" symbol. Eventually, Kusumi Kihachi, the owner of a restaurant is discovered by Ichimoku Ren to be the culprit. Kusumi´s wife and son were killed and his daughter, Tsubaki, put into a coma when a drunk driver crashed into their house five years prior to the episode. As news crews filmed the report of the incident, drunken men danced in the background with their hands in the "peace" sign. Offended, Kusumi had only recently decided to kill them, as he learns he has terminal lung cancer and will most likely not live to see his daughter awaken. Too weak to kill the last one, who has already seen his face and filled a police report, he uses the Hell Link. Ai reveals that the penalty of sending someone to Hell does not cover other sin, such as murder. Kusumi is willingly taken to the hospital by the police, however in a twist, Kikuri has awakened Tsubaki. The price he must pay for the murders is that he will spend the rest of his life in jail and the fact that now, Tsubaki is the daughter of a murderer and he's unable to be with his daughter and because of this, he breaks down.


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