Aspiring Femme Fatale
S2 EP 16 Title
Akujo Shigan
Episode: 16
Season: Two Mirrors
Episode Chronology
Previous: For the Sake of This Country
Next: Silent Gaze

"Aspiring Femme Fatale" is the 16th episode of the season "Two Mirrors" and the 42nd episode from total.


A girl named Ran tries to send a man named Osamu Tejima to hell, because he was pretending to be in a relationship with Ran, but ended up using Ran to betray her boss, and then broke up with her. But while trying to execute this plan, Ran meets a geisha who said she had a better plan. Ran disguised herself and seduced Osamu, and the two women stole all of his money. In reaction to this pressure, Osamu suicides. Disturbed, Ran tries to back out, but eventually finds out that the woman had been using her. But before she could do anything to take actions against her, she is fatally injured by the geisha. Ran's dying act is to send the geisha to Hell. While being sent to Hell, the geisha is confronted by the ghosts of all her previous victims before being sent to Hell. Even on the way to Hell, she tries to bribe Ai into releasing her, to no avail. Through the course of this episode, Hone Onna befriends Ran, and even helps her contact Hell Link and stays with her during her final moments.


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