Silent Gaze
S2 EP 17 Title
Chinmoku No Manazashi
Episode: 17
Season: Two Mirrors
Episode Chronology
Previous: Aspiring Femme Fatale
Next: That Person's History

"Silent Gaze" is the 17th episode of the season "Two Mirrors" and the 43rd episode from total.


A girl named Nene contacts Ai to send her mother to Hell, because she was made to believe by her paternal grandmother that her mother, Honami, killed her father. The truth is that Honami's husband, Hetarou, was physically and mentally abusing both her and Nene. She finally sent her husband to hell eleven years ago when she couldn't take it anymore, and thought that such an act needs to be done for the sake of Nene. Eleven years later, as Honami never told Nene what caused the death of Nene's father, Nene falls for her grandmother's words more easily. Honami then finds out that Nene is trying to send her to Hell, so she jumps off a bridge in front of Nene to save her daughter's soul by preventing her from using the service. Ren's past is explored in this episode.


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