Steamy Hell - The Traveller's Inn
S2 EP 19 Title
Yukemuri Jigoku, Tabi No Yado
Episode: 19
Season: Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori
Episode Chronology
Previous: That Person's Memories
Next: A Maiden's Album

"Steamy Hell - The Traveller's Inn" is the 19th episode of the season "Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori" and the 45th episode from total.


Ai, her three assistants, and Kikuri check themselves in a family owned inn in the mountains, renowned for its onsen. The place is familiar to both Ai and Wanyuudou, because it is where they met many years ago.

Wanyuudou's past is explored, and it is shown that Wanyuudou used to be a wheel of a two-wheeled carriage that used to be pulled by two oxen, which is to say that he was a tsukumogami. The carriage used to belong to a royal family, and all was well for everyone, until a war broke out. In the war, the princess was trying to make a getaway with a few other people and warriors on the carriage. But the carriage was eventually made to fall off a cliff as the enemies struck it with a fire arrow. killing everyone as it fell. But this event transformed Wanyuudou from a tsukumogami to a yōkai, and he started terrorizing people nearby in the form of a flaming wheel with his own enlarged, infuriated face as the hubcap. Ai found him one day in this state, and requested him to become her first assistant, to which he agreed.

(Wrong) At the inn, a woman named Yurie Hanae receives Hone Onna (it's Ren rather than Hone) as a straw doll, wanting revenge for a curse placed on her family from the family that own the inn. The patrons torture the poor woman and she pulls the string, sending the owner to hell. The woman informs the three assistants about the curse; her ancestors owned the inn about 300 years ago, but the rivaling family sent the father to hell, therefore they took over. The woman's family suffered through the generations and the woman was the last in line to avenge her family.

(Summary of correct plot) There are two stories in the inn, one in Azuchi-Momoyama period, one in modern age.

  • The former one was after Wanyoodou chose to follow Ai. Kahei was the first owner of the inn, and his son was Yuuhei. In order to promote the service, Kahei abandoned Tami Aida, who would be his daughter-in-law and was already pregnant, and chose Hanae, who was good at servicing customers, as Yuuhei's wife. Therefore, Tami Aida was extremely annoyed by Kahei, and she sent him to hell using Jigoku Tsūshin, which is realized by using an ema in a shrine at that time. (See Jigoku Tsūshin) From then on, Wanyuudou became Ai's vehicle, who used to walk to destination.
  • The latter and modern one: The current owner of the inn is Yurie Hanae, the offspring of Kahei (also Yuuhei and Hanae). Ichiko Aida (the offspring of Tami Aida) accidentally found Yurie pouring bathing liquid into the hot spring, which is actually artificial, and in fact the spring has dried out several years ago. Ichiko oppressed Yurie and asked money from her with the evidence for a long time, and finally she couldn't bear any more so she sent Ichiko to hell, only to let Ichiko's patrons telling the truth (the hot spring is fake) to the media. So the spring with 400 years of history has to be closed at last. Wanyuudou and Ai were the first customers of this inn 400 years ago, and also the last customers now.


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