S2 EP 23 Title
Episode: 23
Season: Two Mirrors
Episode Chronology
Previous: Longing
Next: Chain Reaction

"Distrust" is the 23rd episode of the season "Two Mirrors" and the 49th episode from total.


Mr. Kimiko insults Mr. Narito's singing during a community choir practice. Mr. Narito becomes so enraged by this petty insult that he uses Hell Link to send Mr. Kimiko to hell, and blames Takuma for Mr. Kimiko's disappearance. To keep up the ruse, Mr. Narito sets up a vigil outside Takuma's house with other neighbors. The detective investigating this case, named Seiichi Meshiai, is approached by Ms. Yoshizaki, the woman who sent her lover, Kakinuma, to hell in Episode 14 - Kakinuma's disappearance resulted in Takuma becoming accused of attacking his father. Ms. Yoshizaki tells Meshiai that Takuma had nothing to do with Kakinuma's disappearance, but lies that she knows nothing about Hell Link. On the way home, Ms. Yoshizaki dies in a car crash. After her body is recovered, Detective Meshiai sees the Hell brand on her chest. In the meantime, the detective's sister, Hotaru, believes that Takuma is innocent and tries to investigate the matter on her own. She goes to Takuma's house and tells him that she doesn't believe in Hell Link. Kikuri appears and tells Hotaru that Hell Link is real, and sends Hotaru to the realm where Enma Ai lives. When Hotaru goes missing, Detective Meshiai, Mr. Narito, and Mr. Mariyama enter Takuma's house to find her. While Mr. Narito is shaking and shouting at Takuma, he disappears - Mrs. Kimiko has started a terrible cycle of revenge.


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