S2 EP 25 Title
Episode: 25
Season: Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori
Episode Chronology
Previous: Chain
Next: Indigo Dye

"Wandering" is the 25th episode of the season "Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori" and the 51st episode from total.


Mr. Tsuyuki and Mr. and Mrs. Hasue from Episode 22, among others, have formed a mob. Mr. Tsuyuki convinces the others that they must kill Takuma. Hotaru looks for her brother, who is nowhere to be found. But she finds the book about Hell Girl, and runs away with Takuma. Takuma and Hotaru are hiding together, but Kikuri helps the mob find them. The mob tries to drown them, but Detective Meshiai finds them and rescues them. While they are driving away from the town, Detective Meshiai disappears: Mr. Hasue has used the Hell Link to send him to hell. The car they are in crashes, but Takuma and Hotaru walk away uninjured. While walking along the road, Hotaru uses Detective Meshiai's laptop computer to access Hell Link and types in Takuma's name.


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