My Teacher
S3 EP 06 Title
Watashi No Sensei
Episode: 06
Season: Three Vessels
Episode Chronology
Previous: This Mundane World
Next: Liar

"My Teacher" is the 6th episode of the season "Three Vessels" and the 58th episode from total.


Yuna Serizawa, a third-year student, holds a grudge on Ren, and tries sending him to Hell, but was rejected by Ai. Ai's companions assume this was because she loved him and her love had turned to hate.This only inflates Ren's ego, but prompts Hone Onna to intervene.

However it is revealed later that she views Ren as a rival as she was actually in love with Hone Onna and mistakes Ren as Onna's lover and a rival, due to the fact that they spent a lot of time together. Hone asks Yamawaro to cause Yuna to trip, which allowed Hone Onna to correct her misunderstanding of their relationship whilst offering a band-aid for her injured knee.

She shows up in school the next day with the same band-aid on her neck, flaunting it to her classmate who bears a similar affection for Hone Onna, Kira Moroboshi. Enraged, Moroboshi accesses the Hell Correspondence website typing in Serizawa's name, receiving Wanyūdō as a doll.

At school the next day, when Moroboshi finds her shoes thrown into in an unsanitary bucket by Serizawa, she lies blatantly that she was acting under Hone Onna's instructions, and she pulls the string. Serizawa is transported to a starting line, where Ai and her companions are getting ready to race. Ren appears as the host and explains that the prize for the competition is Hone Onna's love. Determined to win, she cheats her way through the competition, eliminating her competitors until she and Ai were left. During the climbing contest, she kicks Ai in the stomach, causing her to fall. She climbs her way to meet Hone Onna at the top. However, Hone Onna reveals her true skeletal form to her, shocking her deeply. Ai then appears to send her to Hell.

She is then seen on a boat to Hell rowed by Ai. Ai however, expresses pain due to the kick, possibly due to the fact that she is using a human host to do her work. Kira is again seen with her friends with the tattoo near her collar. In an unexpected turn of events however, she announces that she is no longer after Hone Onna but Wanyūdō, who is disguised as the school gardener, thus making her vengeance seem futile.



  • This episode marks the fourth time that Ai has been physically injured.

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