S3 EP 07 Title
Episode: 07
Season: Three Vessels
Episode Chronology
Previous: My Teacher
Next: Neighbor

"Liar" is the 7th episode of the season "Three Vessels" and the 59th episode from total.


A new boy named Inuo Atsushi has transferred to Yuzuki's school and makes friends with another boy, Washizu. Although Inuo claims that he moved from Tokyo because his dad is constantly traveling and his mom is ill and needs to be away from the city, in truth, his dad left his mother and, ashamed of talk of their neighbors, the two left Tokyo. Due to the stress of lying and being scolded for his late returns to home in order to keep the pretense of the lie, Inuo frequently visits the Hell Link website, never typing in a name.

One day he meets Yuzuki while shopping for vegetables in the supermarket. Yuzui tells him that the greengrocer sells them cheaper and takes him to shop there. While shopping, he encounters Washizu. They sit at a bench to talk. Not being able to hold his burden any longer, Inuo then finally reveals the secret to Washizu and is subsequently beaten by his mother for doing so. However, She soon broke down before him and begged him not to leave her like his father did, revealing her suffering to Inuo. Soon after, he types in a name to Hell Link, receiving Hone Onna as a doll. Washizu visits Inuo's house one day to convince him to talk to somebody. While arguing, Inuo accidentally tripped on his bag and spilled it's contents, including the doll. Washizu, upon seeing the doll, assumes that he wanted to send his mother to Hell and tells him not to sacrifice his own life for hers.

Out of good faith, Washizu starts meddling and spreads news about Inuo's real situation and tries to motivate him to seek help. In an attempt to get him to understand, he takes Inuo to the front of a bar, where his drunken mother was leaving  with a man, and denying her son's existence when asked. However, his plan backfired as it only enraged Inuo more and pushed him to pull the string on the doll. It is then revealed that the recipient of the vengeance was not Inuo's mother, but Washizu, whom Inuo hated for continually meddling with his family matters. Some time after that, it is shown that Atsushi has finally broken down and gone psychotic. He now fully believes the lies he has been telling, which becomes apparent to his mother when he violently throws the dinner he had been cooking and tells her they are eating outside with his father as a family.


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