S3 EP 08 Title

Episode: 08
Season: Three Vessels
Episode Chronology
Previous: Liar
Next: Stray Inari

"Neighbor" is the 8th episode of the season "Three Vessels" and the 60th episode from total.


When Yuzuki returns a lost dog named Momo to her owner, Mioi Hatsumi, a woman named Shintani descends from her apartment room to show off her newest bracelet that she brought at a high price. However, she quickly leaves in quiet rage once she notices the same exact bracelet being used by Momo as a collar. Shintani begins trying to get the apartment management to evict Momo by leaving false evidence of Hatsumi's inability to take care of Momo and finally feeding it something dogs should not eat. Finding out that Shintani poisoned Momo, she rushes to the vet and then types in Shintani's name into the Hell Correspondence website, receiving Ren as a doll. The next day, Hatsumi confronts Shintani in order to take back a package she stole that was delivered early that day containing Momo's training pads, but Shintani refuses and scatters them all over the roof. As she gathers them, Hatsumi pulls the string sending Shintani to Hell while falling off the building. She survives the fall.


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