The Goldfish in the Mirror
Kagami No Naka No Kingyo
Episode: 10
Season: Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae
Episode Chronology
Previous: Lost Inari
Next: Blotted Page

"The Goldfish in the Mirror" is the 10th episode of the season "Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae" and the 62nd episode from total.


A boy named Ichimura Kazuya is a marathon runner. He does the morning rounds of newspaper in order to support his mother who loves to buy kimonos. His parents are constantly fighting, so his mother uses money (she believes they are from the husband) to buy kimonos. Kazuya thinks that it is the salesperson Saito Yukihiro's fault that his family is in this state, and Kazuya tries to tell his mother to stop letting Saito into the house. Until that night,Kazuya accesses Hell Correspondence and type in Saito's name. But his mother refuses, and she continuously buys kimonos from him. Kazuya sends Saito to Hell, but only to find another salesperson replacing him and pampering his mother with flattery.


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