Six Coin Lanterns
S3 EP 13 Title
Episode: 13
Season: Three Vessels
Episode Chronology
Previous: Midsummer Chart
Next: The Street Corner of Bitterness

"Six Coin Lanterns" is the 13th episode of the season "Three Vessels" and the 65th episode from total.


The Six-Script Lantern Festival will take place soon. For the festival, during the Edo period, the shrine priest would write the sins of criminals who came for expiation and ferry that with a strand of the person's hair down the river; now it used as a means to forget things. A woman named Azusa Mayama feels that the chief of investigation, Norihisa who is Akie's father, halted investigation on an automotive accident involving her father and a son of the prestigious Tsujinobashi family, reporting it as an accident her father a sole cause to prevent the truth from being known. In order to get revenge, she befriends Akie and causes Akie to move in with her by telling her father's tale. Yuzuki and Akie attend the festival together; Yuzuki writes Hell Girl on her boat, but Akie blows out her boat with father written in it, deciding not to send it and rushes off to return to Azusa's apartment. Alone, Yuzuki heads towards a light in the distance and sees a reflection of herself across a gate, the gate to Hell. Before she can approach it, Tsugumi warns her that she may not be able to return if she crosses the gate. Yuzuki then realizes that Akie is in trouble and rushes to contacts Norihisa. As Akie is taking a shower in the apartment, Azusa sends a man in to rape her, however Norihisa arrives in time to intervene. Yuzuki prevents Azusa from pulling the string off of Yamawaro as a doll, but she escapes. Ai finally separates from her, receiving a whole body once more, and leaves her with the warning that it is up to her to decide from now on, returning to her companions. Yamawaro disappears from her hands. Yuzuki believes that she is finally relieved of torment. When she meets Akie later, Akie disappears before her very eyes as Azusa pulls the string. Yuzuki's eyes flicker red as she screams. The next day at the last part of the show, Yuzuki walks pass by a person and her senses can tell that she is the next client.


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