The Rabbit and the Turtle
S3 EP 15 Title
Usagi To Kame
Episode: 15
Season: Three Vessels
Episode Chronology
Previous: The Street Corner of Bitterness
Next: The Trap of Temptation

"The Rabbit & the Turtle" is the 15th episode of the season "Three Vessels" and the 67th episode from total.


Although Yuzuki senses that a girl named Usagi has contacted the Ai, upon confronting her, Usagi claims to know nothing. Shinohara Usagi, nicknamed 'turtle', is a schoolgirl who is always being helped by her friends because she is so slow at making any kind of decision.

One day, a boy named Endo asks her to date him inspiring glowers of jealously from her friends. However in jealousy, before anything can develop, Endo is forced to cheat on her by her brother Michito, and he break up with her, believing he has lost the right to be with her. When Usagi questions Michito, she reveals she has accessed the Hell Correspondence website by pulling out a straw doll (Yamawaro) intending to send her brother to hell. Shocked, he too reveals that he done the same by revealing a similar straw doll (Hone Onna). The two have a heartfelt talk about their individual sufferings and subsequent hatred of one another. Michito is jealous of Usagi, because their parents have gave her far more attention due to her problems, while as Usagi is jealous of Michito, who seems to be the capable big brother their parents are proud of. They walk to the nearby bridge and drop each of their dolls into the water, both vowing to try their best in the future. Michito tells Usagi that there would be a lot more good men to choose her love from.

However when Michito leaves, Usagi secretly retrieves the doll from the river and pulls the string and sends her brother to hell. On his way to hell, both Usagi and Michito get a peek at the continuation of Usagi's memory from earlier, where he came back guiltily to her little sister and said that he would marry her if she grew up to be beautiful after seeing her cry when he rebuffed her. And the episode ends with Usagi saying that she can do her best despite being a 'tortoise' and laughing like mad or probably crying.

So it is implied that Usagi loved her brother so much that she wanted to marry him, but Michito just neglected the affection, even after the talk he just turned the hatred into affection between family members, and that's why Usagi went insane and sent him to hell.



  • Even Usagi always being called 'turtle', her name actually means 'rabbit', which is used to signify the complete opposite.

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