Inside the Straw
S3 EP 17 Title
Wara No Naka
Episode: 17
Season: Three Vessels
Episode Chronology
Previous: The Trap of Temptation
Next: Special Radio

"Inside the Straw" is the 17th episode of the season "Three Vessels" and the 69th episode from total.


Upon receiving a job from an elderly woman who writes her husband's name in the Hell Link section in a newspaper, Yamawaro begs to be the doll.

Yuzuki goes to the mansion asking to speak to the elderly woman she saw in her vision, but a much younger woman and her husband answer the door and claims that there is nobody there who is like that, and Yuzuki leaves seeming quite confused.

Then Kikuri comes. The woman claims that Yamawaro, now in doll form, is their son. Yamawaro explains that in the past he watched them when they were younger and witnessed them lose their child named Hikaru who looked similar to himself. When the couple grew much older, he decided to appear before the dying who exclaimed in thanks that her son had returned. However the man used Yamawaro indiscriminately, due to his non-human origins, for the sake of researching a way to achieve eternal life. Yamawaro agrees, only wanting to be of use in save the woman's life. When the man feeds the resulting potion he names ambrosia to his wife it works incredibly well as she regains her youth. However in order to avoid further unethical experimentation, she urges Yamawaro to run. Now, several years later, unable to forgive her husband for his treatment of their 'son', she takes Yamawaro and pulls the string.


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