Snow, Moon & Cherry Blossoms
Episode: 19
Season: Three Vessels
Episode Chronology
Previous: Special Radio
Next: The Hell Professor vs. Hell Girl

"Snow, Moon & Cherry Blossoms" is the 19th episode of the season "Three Vessels" and the 71st episode from total.


Yuzuki meets a woman named Kaori Nakiri (Flowers) who recounts to Yuzuki her duty of having to succeed the Nakiri school of flower arrangement. Despising the predetermined future, she had run away from home after high school, but has now returned due to her father's death. Invited to tea, Yuzuki is surprised to find first three of Ai's companions working at the funeral despite being staff for her school. After learning that Yuzuki can see through her companions' magical disguise, Ai states that she must inform Yuzuki that she will awaken soon. The next day, a woman named Yukina Kurozaka (Snow), the result of the father's affair with another woman, demands that Kaori fulfill her late mother's desire of becoming part of the family by giving her the position of head of the Nakiri school. Tsukio (Moon), Kaori's childhood friend and love interest, discovers Yukina planning to poison Kaori so as to inherit the land and sell it for a fortune. When Kaori is served with a drink later, Tsukio quickly drinks the poisoned concoction in her place and collapses. As a result, Kaori accesses the Hell Correspondence website and receives Ren as a doll. After several family secrets are revealed to her, one of which is that Tsukio is her brother, she finds what she has been searching for, finally accepting her role as the head of the family, and then pulls the string off Ren, sending Yukina to hell. At his deathbed, Tsukio asks that Kaori use his body for her first project as heir. Later, the last part of the show, Yuzuki at the graveyard where Ai appears. Ai was trying to tell that Yuzuki has a fate and destined to become the next Hell Girl.


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