Flower & Moon
S3 EP 22 Title
Hana To Tsuki
Episode: 22
Season: Three Vessels
Episode Chronology
Previous: Right in Front Behind You
Next: Twilight Hills

"Flower & Moon" is the 22nd episode of the season "Three Vessels" and the 74th episode from total.


Yuzuki, overwhelmed when she realizes she has no plans for her future, tries to contact her mother for support, but cannot reach her. Fainting, she wakes up in the school infirmary, and asks Tsugumi for advice, but Tsugumi does nothing to help, explaining to Ai's companions that only Yuzuki can save herself.

On her way home, Yuzuki meets Sumika Misono, the reserved twin of the famous model and actress Yuika Misono, who offers to help Yuzuki plan her future. Although her twin-sister, Yuika wears the facade of being upbeat and peppy at work, in reality she is quite cruel. She always forced Sumika into doing all her own work, for example, taking the college entry exam to Sumika's college, while still having all that Sumika desires: fame and a boyfriend named Masato. Only a birthmark on Sumika's side distinguishes the two.

After a drunk Yuika fractures a bone in an accident, she orders Sumika to take her place in an important photo shoot. However during Yuika's convalescence, Sumika begins to thrive in the role, doing the job even better than her sister; she even proceeds in her relationship with Masato.

However Yuika's arm heals and both sisters, now indistinguishable, begin arguing over who should continue the role of model and actress. That evening, one of the sisters accesses the Hell Correspondence website, typing in her sister's name, and receives Hone Onna as a doll. After Masato tells one sister he is leaving her for the other, the abandoned twin, pulls the string. The one sent to hell claims that she just wanted to realize her dream and be herself. It is unknown which sister was sent to hell, due to the place of birthmark being obscured from the viewer the sisters have the same voice actor and the wax of the candle dripping down over Yuika or Sumika name.

Actually, according to the teaser in the previous episode, it is Sumika who sent her sister to hell. The birthmark mentioned above was not obscured, but vanished in an activity, and could be explained by the use of cosmetics or a surgery. Also the necklace is the same as Sumika's which was pulled to broken by Yuika before. This is also said to be proved by their calling of each other ("that child/girl" or "that guy").


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