Twilight Hills
S3 EP 23 Title
Higure Zaka
Episode: 23
Season: Three Vessels
Episode Chronology
Previous: Flower & Moon
Next: Mayfly

"Twilight Hills" is the 23rd episode of the season "Three Vessels" and the 75th episode from total.


A boy named Fumio Mizuhara, who is constantly bullied by Tomohide Matsuda, because Fumio is born in a rich family while Matsuda is from a poor family. After Tomohide overheard that Fumio is going to high school, he continues to bully him. Fumio access Hell Link to get rid of Matsuda.

Tomohide's younger sister has been asking what their father is like. He sees the Hell brand on his chest. As he continue to bully Fumio, Fumio pulled the string from the doll and send Matsuda to Hell. Matsuda apologizes to his sister that he fails to return home as he was ferried to Hell.

The next day on the final year exams, the teacher may find that Matsuda is missing. Matsuda's friends mentioned that they should blame Hell Girl for sending him to Hell. After finishing the exams, Yuzuki sees all the people she came in contact with and contacted the Hell Link so Ai appears towards Yuzuki once more. After hearing about more victims being sent to hell, Yuzuki confronts Ai. She then reveals Yuzuki's hidden desire: That she wants to send Ai to hell using the Hell Link. Upon hearing this, Yuzuki runs home, unable to face the possibility that she too, has been consumed by the feeling of hate and the desire for vengeance.


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