The Path Left by a Soul
S3 EP 26 Title
Tamashii No Kiseki
Episode: 26
Season: Three Vessels
Episode Chronology
Previous: Yuzuki
Next: Can't Be Seen, Can't Be Heard

"The Path Left by a Soul" is the 26th and final episode of the season "Three Vessels" and the 78th episode from total.


Mr. Takasugi, Akie's father was the one who summoned Yuzuki. Takasugi wanted to send Azusa to hell because she took away Akie's life, the joy of his life. Yuzuki was eager in awaiting Takasugi to pull the string, but Takasugi backed out, saying Azusa would go to hell after she dies anyway.

Angry at this, Yuzuki decides to send Azusa to hell anyway. The Master of Hell steps in and interferes. He decides to send Yuzuki to hell for breaking the rules, but Ai comes just in time to save Yuzuki. Ai then shows why Takasugi gave up with the scene of Azusa taking care of her father, and compared with how Yuzuki herself took care of her mother before, that's pitiful. It's implied that people like Takasugi acquired salvation.

The Master of Hell that in return for saving Yuzuki, Ai will have to be the Hell Girl until there's no hatred in the world, which means forever. With Ai's second kiss and transfering her memories to Yuzuki, Yuzuki's soul is finally freed. Before Yuzuki's gone, Ai tells Yuzuki that they are the same, and Yuzuki says that she envies Ai's having a boyfriend before with gratitude.

The credits roll, and at the end show Ai back in her sailor uniform, gets together with all her companions again, and goes back to the working cycle.

At the last part of the show, Azusa meets Tsujinobashi's son at the airport and fatally stabs him, at which point she disappears. It turns out that Mr. Takasugi's maid, Haruko, is behind him and has sent Azusa to Hell.


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