Hotaru Meshiai
飯合 蛍
S2 EP 25 Hotaru Meshiai
Status Alive
Gender Female
Relatives Seiichi Meshiai (Brother)
Anime Debut Distrust
Japanese Voice Actors Fuyuka Ooura
English Voice Actors


She has gray-black eyes and brown-black hair.



Hotaru is the sister of Seiichi Meshiai - the detective who is investigating Takuma. The detective is starting to believe that Hell Correspondence might be the cause of the disappearance of the town's people. When they are eating in their house, her brother asks her if she knows about the Jigoku Tsūshin. She says that she has heard the rumors but doesn't believe them. She also believes that Takuma is innocent and begins to investigate the case by herself.

To investigate more, she goes to Takuma's house. Takuma explains to her that it's all a misunderstanding, and that he is innocent. Hotaru believes him and tells him she will prove his innocence. Before she can leave the apartment, Kikuri appears in front of her and tells her that the Jigoku Tsūshin exist, and teleport her to the realm of eternal twilight. She doesn't know where she is, so she walks around the area.

She later finds Ai's house and enters, hoping she could use a phone to call home. When she enters, she sees Ai's grandmother and enters her room to ask for a phone. Once she sees Ai's grandmother's appearance, she screams and runs away from the house (implying that her appearance is far from human). She walks a long distance to later find out that she is again in front of Ai's house (suggesting that the twilight world is very small). Next to the house, she sees a much smaller house and enters it.

Inside it she sees a big hole which she enters. Inside it she finds a room even bigger than Ai's house that is full of candles that look exactly like the one that appears in the end of almost every hell girl episode. She sees that the candles have names written on them. She shortly realizes that the names in the candles are the names of those who used the Jigoku Tsūshin. After wandering around for some time, she notices that Takuma's name isn't there, proving he is innocent. She later comes out of the hole to then watch Ai in the house. Ai present herself as hell girl. Hotaru tells Ai that what she is doing is wrong and that she shouldn't sent people to hell. Ai answers saying that that is not for her to decide. Ai later teleport her back to her world and she runs to Takuma's house.

When she enters Takuma's house she tells Takuma that she has evidence that he is innocent. The mob overhears this and get out of the house through a window in Takuma's room. They run to a place where Hotaru used to hide when she was a kid and hide in there. They are later discovered by the mob and caught by them. The mob attempt to murder them so that the police don't know the truth, but failed when Hotaru's brother came and rescue them. While they drive away from town, Hotaru's brother is suddenly sent to hell by one of the mob's members. The car stops and Hotaru and Takuma get out and start walking.

An angry Hotaru then grabs her brothers computer, enter hell correspondence, and types Takuma's name believing all will be over when he dies. Ai appears and gives her a straw doll. Before pulling the string she tells Takuma he won't be alone in hell because she was going to commit suicide and accompany him. She then pulls the string and Takuma is sent to hell. After Ai decides not to ferry Takuma to hell and turns around the boat, Takuma finds Hotaru lying at the edge of the river. Takuma believes Hotaru is dead. At the end of season two of Jigoku Shoujo, Hotaru is alive but in a coma in a hospital. She does not have the hell tattoo on her chest, indicating that when she dies, she will not go to hell. Takumas visit her and says that Hotaru will wake up soon.


  • The name "Hotaru" (蛍) means "firefly".