Gilles de L'Enfer
ジル ドゥ ロンフェール
Jiru Du Ronfēru
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Anime Debut Hell Girl vs. Hell Boy
Japanese Voice Actors Jun Fukuyama
English Voice Actors Greg Ayres


Gilles de L'Enfer has short blond hair and emerald green eyes and wears a white buttoned-up shirt tucked into black slacks with a black belt he also wears a black cape with the collar up.


Gilles seems to have a sadistic personality and thoroughly enjoys other people's suffering that he dislikes. He is highly confident because of his powers, to the point of arrogance. This arrogance may have been what led him to challenge Ai, coupled with a possible hatred for her.


Gilles was killed by his mother and father because of his supernatural and psychic abilities. He ended up in hell sometime after that for reasons that are unclear, with one possible reason being that his parents sent him to hell as a way of killing him in the first place. Sometime later, he succeeded in escaping hell, and although the exact way in which he managed to do it was not revealed, it was hinted that his abilities included getting himself and others into and out of hell. As revenge, he then sent his parents to hell. Not much is known about him in the years that followed until later in his life, when he made a living as a famous illusionist. It was at this time that he came to desire a meeting with the Hell Girl, after having known of her existence and hearing that she was being talked about on the Internet.

Intrigued by the rumors and sensing the truth behind them, he decided to confront her. He does this by first exposing a fake illusionist named Esper Watanabe. After earning his own TV slot, Gilles tells his producer the plan to trap Hell Girl. They trick Esper into coming back to the studio, telling him he had a chance to win his fame back. Then they put him in a fake room where he was monitored. Afterwards, they push him to the point of desperation until he entered the website. Ai arrives to give him the doll (Wanyuudou) and explain the price of sending another soul to Hell. Gilles shows himself to Ai and explains his intentions. Ai deploys Hone Onna and Ren. Both of them scares everyone in the studio away and incapacitate the producer. However, Gilles quickly overpowers and incapacitate them as well. He begins his duel with Ai. He flings her around the room with his powers while Ai is unresponsive to his attacks. He finally traps her and makes her wear a doll's clothes, telling her she must look nice as she is sent back to Hell. He sets her ablaze, confident that he had won. However, Ai reappears, unaffected by his attack. He is shocked and thinks Ai would retaliate, but Ai doesn't, telling her companions that the string has not been pulled, thus she cannot do anything. At that moment, Esper decides to pull the string. A large hand appears and grabs Gilles.

Gilles awakens to find that he was being devoured alive by the people he had sent to Hell, including his own parents. Ai appears in her kimono to send him to Hell. As he is ferried to Hell, still being devoured, he vows that he will escape and finish their duel.


Gilles de L'Enfer has abilities which range from showing illusions, telekinesis, pyrokinesis and more. He has claimed to have the ability to escape from hell, which he said he used to return after his parents sent him to hell.


  • Gilles name roughly translates to 'Gilles from hell' in French.

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