Ai's FatherAi's GrandmotherAi's Mother
Ai EnmaAiri InoueAnime Information
Ayumi ShibataCharactersE01: From Beyond the Twilight
E02: The Possessed GirlE03: The Tarnished MoundE04: Silent Cries
E05: The Woman in the Tall TowerE06: Early Afternoon WindowE07: Cracked Mask
E08: Silent FriendshipE09: Sweet TrapE10: Friends
E11: Broken ThreadsE12: Spilled BitsE13: Purgatory Girl
E14: Beyond the Dead EndE15: Island WomanE16: A Night Among Traveling Entertainers
E17: Glass SceneryE18: Bound GirlE19: Bride Doll
E20: Hell Girl vs. Hell BoyE21: Kind NeighborE22: Rain of Remorse
E23: The Light of the Hospital WardE24: Home in the TwilightE25: Hell Girl
E26: The EphemeralE27: The Girl in the DarkE28: Bubbles
E29: Beloved KeiE30: SecretE31: Barreling Towards Hell
E32: Where the Sun ShinesE33: BondsE34: The Fake Hell Link
E35: Elder Brother, Younger SisterE36: Anna Sone's Intimate HolidayE37: The Distant Room Next Door
E38: Black RutE39: Tragedy of the VE40: The Peaceful Lakeshore
E41: For the Sake of This CountryE42: Aspiring Femme FataleE43: Silent Gaze
E44: That Person's HistoryE45: Hell Amidst the Steam, Lodging for TravelersE46: A Maiden's Album
E47: Paper Balloon WaftingE48: LongingE49: Distrust
E50: Chain ReactionE51: AdriftE52: Dyeing Indigo
E53: The Girl Who Found Herself RobbedE54: Bird in a CageE55: Rotten Fruit
E56: Big BrotherE57: This Mundane WorldE58: My Teacher
E59: LiarE60: NeighborE61: Stray Inari
E62: The Goldfish in the MirrorE63: Blotted PageE64: Midsummer Chart
E65: Six Coin LanternsE66: The Street Corner of BitternessE67: The Rabbit & the Turtle
E68: The Trap of TemptationE69: Inside the StrawE70: Special Radio
E71: Snow, Moon & Cherry BlossomsE72: The Hell Professor vs. Hell GirlE73: Right in Front Behind You
E74: Flower & MoonE75: Twilight HillsE76: Mayfly
E77: YuzukiE78: The Path Left by a SoulE79: Can't Be Seen, Can't Be Heard
E80: There's Only YouE81: Someday, Somebody Will…Gilles de L'Enfer
Hajime ShibataHell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo) WikiHell Girl Graphic Novel Volume 01
Hell Girl Graphic Novel Volume 02Hell Girl Graphic Novel Volume 03Hell Girl Graphic Novel Volume 04
Hell Girl Graphic Novel Volume 05Hell Girl Graphic Novel Volume 06Hell Girl Graphic Novel Volume 07, 08, 09
Hone OnnaHotaru MeshiaiJigoku Tsūshin
KikuriLA01: Cracked TimeLA02: The Boy in the Box
LA03: A Baby's DreamLA04: DuskLA05: The Epitaph of Lies
LA06: The Red Thread of PromiseLA07: Sweet TemptationLA08: Miracle of the Holy Night
LA09: The Fake CompensationLA10: Memories of SorrowLA11: Darkness of the Real World, Part 1
LA12: Darkness of the Real World, Part 2Live Action TV Series InformationManga Information
Master of HellMichiru SagaeNozomi Bitō
Realm of Eternal TwilightRen IchimokuSayoko Mori
Seiichi MeshiaiSentarou ShibataTakuma Kurebayashi
TermsThe Secret History of Ai EnmaThe Three Straws
Tsugumi ShibataWanyuudouYamawaro
Yuzuki Mikage

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