Sayoko Mori after she didn't wears glasses

Sayoko Mori is the 2nd main character in first chapter of Hell Girl Return. She wearing glasses and had a long hair, but later when she meets Airi, a popular lefty handed girl who saves her in Shibuya, Sayoko being like Airi, 98% like Airi. But later Airi was angry, because Sayoko stabs her mother and Sayoko is very want to be Airi. After it, Kikuri and Yamawaro thinks Sayoko's the kind people and Kikuri give Yamawaro's straw doll to Sayoko. But, the straw doll can't do anything and the real Airi is get Ichimoku Ren's straw doll from Enma Ai, and then Sayoko sended to hell

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