Seiichi Meshiai
Seiichi Meshiai
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Relatives Hotaru Meshiai (Sister)
Anime Debut Longing
Japanese Voice Actors Satoshi Hino
English Voice Actors




He is the older brother of Hotaru Meshiai. He is investigating about Takuma after people call him the demons child and blames him for the disappearances. He then stumbles upon hell correspondence and starts to believe that hell correspondence is the cause of the disappearances. In fact, he saw the disappearance of Naito in front of him. When Sayaka, the person who sent Kakinuma to hell dies in an accident, Seiichi sees that a black tattoo was on her chest. He then learns that that is the mark of proof that the person sent someone to hell. Seiichi goes to Takuma's house and learns that there was no mark on his chest, but the people accusing him did have the mark. Once he learns that, he was beaten up and placed in a cell like place. He escapes then to see that Takuma and Hotaru was placed on a sinking boat. He saves them and was driving them home until Mr. Hasue pulls the red string on him, taking him to hell.


  • None.