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"Sentarou... Why?" -- Ai Enma

Ai Enma was born in the early 1600's in the small Japanese town known as Mutsumi Village. The children of the village teased and bullied Ai because they believed she was an evil spirit. They claimed she had special powers and even said they had seen her bring a dead butterfly back to life. Ai says the butterfly just wasn't dead. Ai's cousin Sentarou was constantly sticking up for her, fighting with the village children.

When Ai was seven she was chosen by the village elders to become the latest in a long line of child sacrifices meant to appease the mountain god and secure a bountiful harvest. The ritual was known as the "Seven Sending", every seven years a seven year old girl was offered up to the mountain. Ai's parents defied the will of the village elders and secretly arranged for Sentarou to keep Ai alive in the woods, bringing her food, clothes and keeping her company.

It was then that Ai's long black locks grew. Although isolated and alone, Ai remembers this time as the happiest of her life, if she could have, she'd have had things stay that way forever. Before long the village's crops started to fail and wither when they expected a bountiful harvest, adding to this phenomena are heard rumours of Sentarou sneaking off into the woods alone at night. They followed him one night and found Ai. After a short pursuit they punished Ai by burying her alive, forcing Sentarou to shovel the first spadefuls of dirt onto his cousin's face. Seeing that the one person who supposedly cared for her the most betray her caused Ai great pain.

She broke out of her grave later in the night carrying hatred towards the entire village. In revenge, she burned the entire village along with the villagers save Sentarou. He watched Ai burn the whole village and curiously smiled.

Ai and Senturo

Ai Enma and Sentarou Shibata

Ai's SongEdit

When Ai returns from her grave, Sentarou witnesses her burning the village down, her eyes a shade of red instead of brown. As she does so, she sings the song she and Sentarou would sing when she was in hiding. Ai also seldomly sings this song whilst in the Realm Of Eternal Twilight, stacking flat pebbles on top of each other.

The song is called "Sakura Uta".

(English version)

Why do lovely flowers bloom from the cherry tree?

Children of seven, waking smile at the sun.

Why do fragrant blossoms stir in the mountain air?

Children of 7 laughing run through the woods.

Why do crimson branches dance in the village streets?

Children of 7 singing, call down the wind.

Why do wilting flowers fall from the cherry tree?

Children of 7 dying to wake once more.

(Japanese/Romaji version)

Sakura no hana wa itsu hiraku?

Yama no osato ni itsu hiraku

Sakura no hana wa itsu niou?

Warau nana no ko asobu koro

Sakura no hana wa itsu odoru?

Utau nana no ko nemuru koro

Sakura no hana wa itsu kuchiru?

Shinda nana no ko noboru koro

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