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Tsugumi Shibata
柴田 つぐみ
Status Alive
Gender Female
Relatives Hajime Shibata (Father)
Ayumi Shibata (Mother)
Sentarou Shibata (Ancestor)
Ai Enma (Distant relative)
Anime Debut Silent Relations
Japanese Voice Actors Nana Mizuki
English Voice Actors Luci Christian


Tsugumi is a 7 year old girl with brown hair and brown eyes. During her childhood, she would often braid her hair into two ponytails with black hair bands and a red clip holding her bangs.

In Mitsuganae as an adult, Tsugumi has mid-back length hair and is often seen wearing a lab coat in Yuzuki's school. Her other attires include a pea coat and kimono.


As a child, Tsugumi was surprisingly very mature and optimistic for her age. With Hajime often absent at home, she was very independent and would do the chores, cook, and do the groceries all by herself. Tsugumi is usually serious and has a strong sense of judgement during many of the cases she and Hajime were being involved in, and would often mourn silently for the unfortunate victims.

As an adult, she maintained that level of maturity but seemed to have lost her to try change the world and stop the Jigoku Tsūshin, noting that Hajime gave up.

Tsugumi shares a very strong relationship with her father and often addresses him "Hajime-chan," a rather direct and familiar way to address one's father. While she often appears to dismiss and criticize her father, she deeply loves and cares for him, and she sees him as her only family since the death of her mother.


Tsugumi has maintained a mysterious, telepathic link with Ai ever since their first meeting at the train crossing. Tsugumi is the same age as Ai was when Ai was chosen to be sacrificed to the Mountain God. With the help of Hajime, she discovers the truth behind the Jigoku Shōjo Internet phenomenon and discovers her own family ties to Ai. Tsugumi discovers that she is Ai's descendant through Sentarō since Ai did not kill him when she burned her village 400 years ago. However, Ai still holds a strong grudge towards Sentarō and therefore Hajime since he is a male descendent of Sentarō's. After Ai's companions struggle to prevent Ai from destroying the last of her family, Ai makes efforts to prove to Tsugumi that Hajime deserves to be in Hell. Tsugumi eventually returns the black straw doll, Wanyūdō, to Ai, choosing not to send Hajime to Hell after she realizes his true part in her mother's death.

Years later in Mitsuganae, the adult Tsugumi serves as a nurse in Yuzuki's school. Later on, Tsugumi notices that Yuzuki's current existence begins to fade. She tries to tell Yuzuki that she should just accept that what is happening to her. Yuzuki is not a person who exists in the world anymore having died years previously, and her current life was merely an illusion. In the finale, Tsugumi leaves Saigawara believing she is unable to save Yuzuki from becoming the next Hell Girl.


In season 1, Tsugumi gained the ability to see through Ai's vision, which often greatly assisted Hajime in finding the Jigoku Tsuushin clients.

Trivia Edit

Tsugumi shares a voice actress with Alois Trancy from Black Butler in both English and Japanese.


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