• Hell Girl's Shadow

    This Is The Hell Correspondence Info

    "You seek vengeance?"

    -Her eyes open again, and she drops her hands to her sides.-

    "There is a price. If I escort someone to Hell for you, then when your time comes your soul will belong to Hell as well. Nothing you can do in your mortal life will change that. Are you willing to accept this price in return for being avenged?"

    -She reaches a hand out to you, beckoning you closer as she speaks.-

    "Choose your fate."

    ..Type in every details, and it will be served..

    ..Your grievance shall be avenged..

    ..However, once your vengeance has been served, you'll have to deliver on the end of the bargain..

    ..There always has to be a price to pay..

    When your die, your soul will also belong to hell..

    ..You'll never know the joys…

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